Our Story


A Little About Us

When we say we are a small family run business, we mean it! Willow + Maple began in early 2020 in our small candle lab on the Mornington Peninsula. My husband and I began testing and experimenting with different soy wax and fragrances until we got the right mix. From the moment we melt our soy wax, to hand wicking each amber jar, we each play an important role in producing and creating these amazing candles. Everything is done by us!

When we pour our candles, we create a story. A story that has a unique scent and smell. One that takes us back to places we have visited or spent time at, with friends and family. Or simply, beautiful and unforgotten places around our amazing state.

We love making them just as much as we love burning our candles. Creating candles that will calm your space and soothe your soul!

Each of our scents has its own personality and memory and is hand-curated on the Mornington Peninsula in small batches by us. Our goal is creating hand made natural soy candles with as many natural and recyclable products as we can.

We only use the highest quality products sourced both locally and internationally. We use Golden Wax® 464 which is a 100% soy based vegetable wax.

It’s a favourite amongst professional candle makers as it produces a uniform, creamy and smooth surface of the candle.

Our wicks are made from 100% cotton that is braided together with a paper core for more rigidity. They are zinc and lead free and acid resistant. What better way to light a candle than in our vintage amber glass jars that illuminate a room and create an atmosphere and setting that goes along with the very scent it induces.